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Terms And Conditions

Hello and thank you for taking an interest in Bul Agric. Here at Bul Agric, we wholeheartedly believe in providing the customer with the most pleasant experience possible. Below, you will discover our terms and conditions.


Our company offers a wide variety of different products. We enjoy being able to provide farmers and other professionals with the products they need in a timely manner. In order for this to be possible, all payments must be made upon receipt. If the payment is not received within a timely manner, the order will be cancelled and the buyer will instantly forfeit their ownership rights over the products. Suffice to say, no items will be shipped to the consumer, until payment has been received.

Shipping Policies

Again, Bul Agric goes above and beyond to ensure that the customer receives their items, as quickly as possible. Upon purchasing their items, the buyer will be required to pay for the specified shipping fees and charged. These fees are always the responsibility of the buyer, unless specifically noted otherwise ahead of time. Take note that shipping internationally may result in increased fees. If the item happens to get lost, during the shipping process, our company will refund the buyer for the items, as well as the shipping fees. However, if the items are damaged during the shipping process, the seller is not responsible for these damages.

Refund And Return Policy

Although Bul Agric goes above and beyond to ensure that all customers receive satisfactory items, problems may still arise. With this in mind, the company is more than willing to refund or replace items, if the consumer submits a complaint. During the event that an item is damaged during shipping, replacements will be shipped to the consumer for free. If the item received is unsatisfactory, the buyer must provide the company with a written explanation, before a refund can be considered.

The buyer should note the product’s description, before submitting their complaint. If the item matches the company’s description for the item, a refund may not be given. Each case will be analyzed by one of our company representatives, before a decision is made, regarding the validity of the exchange.

Order Cancellation Or Changes

We understand that the consumer’s needs could change rapidly. At any point in time, the consumer may need to make changes or cancel their order entirely. As long as these changes are applied within a rapid manner, they’ll be accepted. Cancellations and changes need to be submitted, before Bul Agric has processed the payment. Once the company has processed the payment, it is no longer possible to make a cancellation or changes.


Take note that the buyer is responsible for any health and safety concerns the buyer has, once the item or items have been received. If the buyer is harmed, due to the products, the seller cannot be held responsibility in anyway.

It should be known that the terms and conditions are subject to change. By utilizing this website and purchasing products from this company, the consumer admits they have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.