Fertilizers Logistics and Transportation

We want our consumers to know just how highly we regard logistics and transportation. Whether our products are transported by road, rail, or water, we make sure our products arrive on time in perfect condition. After all, where would our civilization be without great logistics and transportation? Here at Bul Agric, we recognize that fact, which is why we hold our logistics and transportation department to such high standards.

Everything from packing, storage, documentation, and insuring is done right here in house. Out highly qualified experts are able to monitor everything from processing customer orders to home deliveries. Now with our newly developed website, our consumers can also monitor and track their packages to get updates on the shipment.

Many companies will outsource their logistics and transportation to other companies, but we here at Bul Agric like to take care of our consumers the way we would want to be taken care of. As a whole, we feel we can do a much better job, when we keep everything at a much more personal level. At the end of the day our consumers can rest assured that they are not only investing in a good quality product, but they are investing is a good reliable service, as well.