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Privacy Policy

Hello and thank you for being a loyal custom of Bul Agric. When utilizing our services and purchasing our products, you put a tremendous amount of trust in us, as a company. We wholeheartedly appreciate this and would like to quell any concerns you may have. Our company has compiled a comprehensive Privacy Policy, which goes above and beyond to ensure that your information remains secure and private, at all times. Our employees and representatives would not want their information to fall in the wrong hands and we understand that you feel the same way. We will provide you with the same level of importance that is afforded to ourselves.

Personal Information

When utilizing our services and purchasing our goods, it is imperative that you provide us with your personal details. Without this information, it would be possible for us to deliver the goods to your residence or place of business. Rest assured knowing that our company will never share, sell or trade any of the information that is provided to us. The information is only utilized to ensure that you receive the best experience humanely possible. It is entirely possible to browse our website, without exposing your identity.

Log Files

Here at Bul Agric, we understand that you may be fearful of log files. You should know that almost every website logs minute details of their visitors and their behaviors. It is how the information is used that is important. Our company only uses this information, as a way to provide the visitor with a better experience.

  • To provide the visitor with the most relevant information
  • As a way to enhance communication channels
  • To improve the overall functionality of our website
  • For the overall betterment of the website
  • To enhance the site’s user friendliness and performance

The information collected is minor and will not expose your identity in any form whatsoever. Rest assured knowing that it will never be shared or passed on to other companies.

Your Information, Your Choice

When utilizing the Bul Agric website, you will never be required to provide us with any of your personal details. Although we may encourage our visitors to sign up for our mailing list or purchasing our products, there is no requirement to do so. When browsing the website, the visitors will be able to remain anonymous, by refusing to submit any personal details.

The Bul Agric website may link to 3rd party websites from time to time. Take note that our company has no control over these websites or their privacy policies. If you have any concerns, you are encouraged to contact these companies directly. You can also refer to each individual website’s privacy policy.

Law Enforcement Requests

It should be known that Bul Agric would provide information to law enforcement and other legal entities, if required to do so by law. If a subpoena for a visitor’s personal information is requested by a governmental or law enforcement agency, our company will have no choice, but turn over this information. This is generally required by law and is done to protect the public, at large.