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Cookies Policy

Here at Bul Agric, we understand that our visitors want to maintain their privacy, when utilizing this website. Before browsing the site, you should know that our website does implement the use of cookies. These cookies are only used for the betterment of this website and is in no way used deviously.

Understanding Cookies

A cookie is nothing more than a small data file, which is placed on your computer, by our website. The cookie may be persistent or it could last for a single session. The cookies are used to examine the user’s behavior on this website only.

3rd Party Cookies

It should also be known that our website implements the user of third-party cookies. The Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics are utilized by this website, as a way to track customers and their behavior. The information acquired from the user of these cookies is stored, within a secure Google server.


Bul Agric only utilizes cookies, as a way to keep track of the website’s usage and to ensure that it is operating at optimum capacity. The cookies also help to ensure that the visitor receives the best experience possible, when visiting the website.

What Is Collected

Rest assured knowing that the information collected from these cookies is the bare minimum and will not expose your identity in any way. Below, you will discover a list of information that is collected through the use of cookies.

  • IP Address
  • Device or computer information
  • Country and general area of origin
  • Behavior on the Bul Agric website

This information is never sold, traded or shared and is only used for the betterment of this website, this company and its services.